Telethings LoNFC-1 LoRaWAN NFC Reader


Telethings LoNFC-1 Wireless NFC reader is a device by which it is very simple to read NFC tag from Mifare 1k card and then that read tag is sent to server (and also seen on application).

LoRa (short for "Long Range") is a "spread spectrum modulation" radio technique derived from "chirp spread spectrum" (CSS) technology, which uses an unlicensed radio frequency band that allows the development of cost-effective IoT systems and solutions as an alternative to GSM / GPRS. network.

In rural areas, module can communicate in a range up to 15 kilometres, while that range is up to 2 kilometres in urban areas.

Telethings IoT Cloud services enables reading information from LoRaWAN NFC Reader(seeing NFC Tag), and NFC tag can be used for tracking some user on some location.


Model name Telethings LoNFC-1
Description Device for sending Tag from Mifare 1k card on server
Server communication LoRaWAN, Class A
Power supply 3,6V battery
Device dimensions 8,5 x 8,5 x 2 cm
Device weight 60 gr
Storage temperature Storage temperature -10°C - +60°C
Operating temperature Operating temperature 0°C - +60°C
Radio signal frequency 868 MHz
Communication range Urban area: do 2-3 km; Rural area: above 5 to 7 km


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