Telethings LoRe-L1 - Smart LoRaWAN relaybox


Telethings LoRe-L1 is a device used for processing data from the application on the server and based on received data, it turns specified relay on or off and turns LED diodes on or off which show current state of all relays.

LoRa (short for "Long Range") is a "spread spectrum modulation" radio technique derived from "chirp spread spectrum" (CSS) technology, which uses an unlicensed radio frequency band that allows the development of cost-effective IoT systems and solutions as an alternative to GSM / GPRS. network.

In rural areas, module can communicate in a range up to 15 kilometres, while that range is up to 2 kilometres in urban areas.

Telethings IoT Cloud services enables reading information from smart LoRaWAN relay (seeing current state of relays), and to turn on or off certain relays on the device.


Naziv modela Telethings Relay Box
Opis Uređaj za procesuiranje podataka dobijenih sa servera i shodno dobijenim podacima pali ili gasi releje i LED diode
Komunikacija sa aplikacijom na serveru Uređaj koristeći LoRaWAN komunikaciju procesuira podatke sa aplikacije na serveru i shodno dobijenim podacima pali ili gasi određene releje i LED diode koje označavaju stanje releja. Uređaj povremeno šalje stanje releja na aplikaciju na server.
Napajanje uređaja Adapter 7.5V 2A
Dimenzije 10 x 6 x 2,5 cm
Težina 100 gr
Temperature Temperatura skladištenja -10°C - +60°C; Radna temperatura 0°C - +60°C
Frekvencija radio signala 868 MHz
Domet 15 km u ruralnim područjima; <2 km u urbanim područjima


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