Telethings LoTe-S1 - Smart wireless LoRa thermstat


Telethings LoTe-S1 is a device designed to control heating and cooling systems within one or more rooms.

It is based on LoRa technology. LoRa (short for "Long Range") is a "spread spectrum modulation" radio technique derived from "chirp spread spectrum" (CSS) technology, which uses an unlicensed radio frequency band that allows the development of cost-effective IoT systems and solutions as an alternative to GSM / GPRS. network.

The device consists of a HomeSensor used to display, set and measure the temperature inside the room,ControlBox - a device used to regulate (turn on / off) the heating source (stove, pump, etc.), and an Android application used to set and monitor temperatures and edit settings

HomeSensor is installed in rooms where we want to control the temperature. It is powered by batteries (2xAAA), and has an E-Paper graphic display that further reduces energy consumption. Through the HomeSensor, it is possible to read the set temperature on the ControlBox for a given room and manually set / change the set temperature.

The ControlBox is a device that has 4 relay outputs and allows the regulation of heating or cooling systems inside the room. One ControlBox can communicate with a maximum of 30 HomeSensors and 10 rooms. Communication with HomeSensor is done via wireless LoRa technology.

Also, the device has a Bluetooth communication module for the Android Smart application and a GSM / GPRS module that enables on / off operations or setting the temperature inside a room via SMS messages. In this way, it is possible to place the device in remote locations that do not have a direct connection with LoRa technology Telething Smart Thermostat is a free Android application that is used to set up the device and can be downloaded from the Google Play service.


Model name Telethings LoTe-S1 Home Sensor
Description Device for measuring/setting the temperature
Temperature measuring 0°C - 60°C, with 1°C step
Temperature setting 5°C – 35°C, with 1°C step
Temperature regulation +/-0,5°C
Control Box communication LoRa
Power supply 2xAAA baterries ( 3 V )
Device dimensions 9 x 11 x 2 cm
Device weight 60 gr
Model name Telethings LoTe-S1 Control Box
Description Device for processing data and regulating system's heating
Power supply Adapter 7,5V*** 2A
Device dimensions 10 x 6 x 2,5cm
Device weight 100 gr
Radio signal frequency 868 MHz
Communication range Up to 100m outdoors
Storage temperature Storage temperature: -10°C - +60°C
Operating temperature Operating temperature: 0°C - +60°C


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