Tring LoWa - Smart LoRaWAN ultrasonic watermeter


Tring LoWa is a water meter based on measuring the flow of water through ultrasonic technology.
Since there are no moving parts, because the measurement is done by measuring the speed of sound propagation between two fixed sensors inside the water meter, it is possible to maintain the accuracy of measurement throughout the life of the device - 10 years.

A great advantage of the device is the fact that it does not make erroneous measurements when air is present in the water, as is the case with mechanical water meters, which leads to dissatisfaction of end users.

The housing of the device meets strict IP67 requirements.

The electronic display of the device, in addition to displaying the current water consumption, also enables (by activating the button) the display of the current flow, water temperature, battery status, current date and time.

An integral part of the device is the Telethings LoNo LoRa module, which is used to set up and exchange device data with the parent application.
Communication is via LoRaWAN network.
Because LoRa technology uses an unlicensed frequency band, it is a cost-effective solution for transmitting and exchanging data with a central system.

The device is designed to use extremely little energy and integrated batteries enable uninterrupted operation of water meters for up to 12 years.

Tring LoWa water meter, Telethings LoGa gateway, and Telethings IoT Cloud make up the Plug & Play solution for water-supply companies involved in the distribution and maintenance of water.
The solution can also be used by companies that need to control water consumption within their own system.


Naziv modela Telethings Ultrasonic Water Meter
Opis Watermeter je vodomjer koji je zasnovan na mjerenju protoka vode putem ultrasonične tehnologije. Elektronski displej uređaja, osim prikaza tenutne potrošnje vode, prikazuje trenutni protok, temperaturu vode, stanje baterije, trenutni datum i vrijeme.
Temperature Temperatura vode: 0.1 ~ 30°C (T30); Temperatura okoline: 5 ~ 55°C; Temperatura skladištenja: -25 ~ 55°C
Metrološka klasa Klasa 2, R100
Maksimalan radni pritisak 1.6 MPa
Gubitak pritiska Δp < 63 kPa
Stepen pritiska PN16
Klasa zaštite IP67
Napajanje 3.6 V - Rok trajanja do 12 godina
Ekološka klasa E1, M1, B/O
Montiranje Horizontalno ili vertikalno
Prikaz i indikacija Jedinica mjere: m3; LCD: 8-znamenkasti
Usklađenost sa standardom ISO 4064
Dimenzije DN 15: 110 x 93 x 82mm; DN 20: 130 x 93 x 82mm; DN 25: 150 x 93 x 82 mm