Telethings LoTe-D1 - Wireless LoRa thermostat


Telethings LoTe-D1 is a LoRa based device designed to control the heating system within one room.

LoRa (short for "Long Range") is a "spread spectrum modulation" radio technique derived from "chirp spread spectrum" (CSS) technology, which uses an unlicensed radio frequency band that allows the development of cost-effective IoT systems and solutions as an alternative to GSM / GPRS. network.

The device consists of a HomeSensor that serves to display, set and measure the temperature inside the room and a ControlBox - a device that serves to regulate (turn on / off) the heating source (stove, pump, etc.).

Communication is done through LoRa technology and uses very little energy. In addition, the device has an E-Paper graphic display that further reduces energy consumption.


Model name Telethings LoTe-D1 Home Sensor
Description Device for measuring/setting the temperature
Temperature measuring 0°C - 60°C, with 1°C step
Temperature setting 5°C – 35°C, with 1°C step
Temperature regulation +/-0,5°C
Control Box communication LoRa
Power supply 2xAAA baterries ( 3 V )
Device dimensions 9 x 11 x 2 cm
Device weight 60 gr
Model name Telethings LoTe-D1 Control Box
Description Device for processing data and for regulating heating system
Power supply 220V ~ 50/60Hz
Device dimensions 10 x 6 x 2,5cm
Device weight 100 gr
Radio signal frequency 868 MHz
Communication range Up to 100m outdoors
Storage temperature Storage temperature: -10°C - +60°C
Operating temperature Operating temperature: 0°C - +60°C


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